After working on a number of stories about sexual violence against children, Tazeen came across Mosac, the only charity in the UK that supports the families of abused children. It was formed 25 years ago when four mothers whose children were abused came together and drew strength from each other’s shared experience and realised the need for a similar service for others. They provide help to the children and their families through their national helpline and counselling and advocacy services. As their Patron, Tazeen helps raise awareness about their work and campaigns on their behalf. 

Woman's Trust

Woman’s Trust asked Tazeen to become their patron and ambassador in 2016. It is a grassroots charity that was formed by female domestic violence survivors and counsellors to provide local specialist mental health support for women affected by domestic violence in London. They  understand that domestic violence damages women’s mental health and makes them vulnerable. Woman’s Trust’s objective is to empower women to overcome the debilitating effects of domestic violence and regain control by improving their mental health. 

The Story Project

The Story Project is a programme co-founded by Tazeen and an emotional literacy teacher, Olivia Richards, who both feel passionately about writing and emotional literacy. Their project improves the attainment and well-being of students with or at risk of mental health problems in the UK, through providing workshops or teacher training that encourages these young people to read, write and tell personal stories.

Tazeen Ahmad
Tazeen Ahmad
Tazeen Ahmad